Avantek Wireless Doorbell Review – Size Does matter

This is a review for the Avantek D-3B Doorbell kit that was bought off of Amazon.com. When buying a doorbell off of Amazon, you will see several doorbells that look almost identical. It is confusing and is making this hunt for a new door bell very frustrating. If you do not want to read any more. I sent it back due to the size.

The Product

Avantek D-3B Doorbell kit

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE TRANSMITTER: Ultra-low power consumption; uses a CR2032 lithium battery that boasts 3 year maximum lifespan; IP55 dustproof and waterproof; working temperature ranges from -4 °F-140 °F
  • 52 BEAUTIFUL CHIMES: 40 mm stereo speaker delivers rich and crisp sound; press the Next or Previous button to easily choose from 52 melodies; 5 adjustable volume levels, with a maximum volume of 115 dB
  • 400 M / 1312 FT WIRELESS RANGE: 2 plug-in receivers included; will not interfere with other equipment in your home or those of your neighbors
  • MEMORY FUNCTION: Preserves your last set melody and volume level after a power outage
  • EASY TO SET UP: Includes 2 screws, 2 anchors, 1 key, 1 adhesive tape for easy installation of the transmitter


  • EASY Setup
    • It was easy to setup, once you got the right flat head screw driver to open the transmitter and remove the plastic that prevented the battery from being drained in storage.
  • Selecting Door Chime,
    • It is possible to select the different noises with and up and down switch. If you miss a chime, you do not have to cycle through all 50, just hit the back or “-“ button.
  • Remembers volume and Door Chime if unplugged
    • Once you select the chime and volume, it is saved. If you move the receiver to a different plug or lose power, the
  • Like the color
    • The black color is great, with the blue LED.
  • WaterProof
    • This is “water” proof.
    • As you can see there is a silicone gasket that runs the edge of this.

  • Multiple receivers
    • Nice to be able to hear the doorbell on multiple floors
  • Some of the sounds are neat:
    • Christmas melodies
    • Classical music
    • The sound of someone knocking on the door


  • Size
    • Makes an entire wall socket useless
      • You can squeeze something in there, but if you ever want to use another grounded plug, it will not fit.

This is a Normal outlet

This is not a grounded plug but because it takes up part of the ground area, it does not fit.

This is from a different wall outlet adapter that takes 2 plugs and converts to 6. It takes up almost 3 plugs wide, and all of the grounds above it.

  • Volume button
    • There is no up and down, you have to cycle through the volume. It is not the worst thing in the world, since there is not 50 or 100 options for volumes.
  • Transmitter Light Indicator
    • From the picture you would think the LEDs would light up blue in a circle surrounding your finger as you push the button. A big plus, since most of the time visitors at your door need feedback to know if they pushed the button hard enough. This transmitter only gives out two little strips of blue light.

  • Not terrible, but a little disappointing and misleading as since there is a clear outline of plastic all around the button. It just not enough feedback and fun.


I did really try to like this doorbell because of the all the pros, but I sent it back because of two reasons:

  1. Although, I have a lot of wall outlets, I do not like the fact that it takes up a whole outlet
  2. There are too many other slightly similar door bells on Amazon.com to set for this large form factor. In fact, I had one from SadoTech that had the perfect form factor for outlets, but had to send it back because in the instructions it said it needed to be under a patio or awning.

Since this had the right form factor that appears to be a bigger driver than I thought, I will just pursue SadoTech’s “water proof” transmitter version.

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