Recommended WordPress Header Image Sizes

WordPress Featured Image Recommended Size

The recommended WordPress image size is 1024 pixels x 800 pixels, although that does not seem to be what actually works best. This is more of a general statement. It depends on the theme you are using.

This is what it looks like if I make an image with the recommended size.

The header image is missing a fraction of both the top and the bottom.

WordPress Header Image

The header image size differs per theme. Below are the steps to find out the best recommended size for your theme:

  • Login to your admin WordPress site
  • Select Appearance
  • Click Header

  • Then click “Header Image”
  • In the new window, it will tell you the recommended size.
  • Mine says header size of 1000 x 288 is best:

    Click “Add new image” to upload an image file from your computer. Your theme works best with an image with a header size of 1000 × 288 pixels — you’ll be able to crop your image once you upload it for a perfect fit.

Header Image Sized Correctly

If the image is sized correctly, the WordPress site will look so much better.

Now the header image is complete.

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