Apple Pencil Not Working – Bent or Damaged Tip


  • Apple Pencil tip is screwed on all the way
    • This means it has to be turned or tightened until it stops turning. You do not have to put any muscle being this.
    • Unscrew the tip and screw it back on to make sure a good connection.
      • if the tip is point at your face, twist counter clock-wise to unscrew or remove it.
      • Then clock-wise to install or screw it on.
  • Apple Pencil is recognized via BlueTooth
    • Go to Setting -> Bluetooth
    • Should say “Apple Pencil – Connected”

  • Apple Pencil is charged
    • Check the IOS widget page
    • Add the battery widget if it is not there
      • swipe right while on either:
        • the Home screen
        • Lock screen
        • while you’re looking at your notification
      • Click “edit”

  • Now add the “battery” widget by clicking the “+” plus sign.

  • Now It should show the percent of the battery life left in your Apple Pencil. If it is above 10% should not be a problem, but charge it soon.

  • Finally, Check the tip if it is bent or not.
    • Here is a picture of a straight bent tip

  • Here is a picture of at straight and working tip

  • Finally, with the tip removed make sure it is in good looking straight condition, like this.

The Fix?

Replace the bent tip with a new, straight and undamaged one. When you purchase a new Apple Pencil you get an extra tip in the box. If you cannot find it, you will have to purchase a new one.

Buying Options

  • Straight from Apple
    • Guaranteed to work
    • “more” expensive because they do not offer anything less than 4 tips.
  • Amazon 3rd party
    • I DO NOT recommend this option.
    • If you:
      • only need two tips
      • do not want to pay $20 plus for 4 tips (which is actually a better deal than amazon due to bulk buying)
      • want to take a chance on the iPad screen not getting scratched with the 3rd party tip
    • This the best I could find that works here

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