Best Way to Peel an Egg

After you have made the perfect hard boiled eggs…Best Way to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

You might want to know the best way to peel them quickly and where pieces of the white part does not get ripped off. As a fellow hard boiled egg enthusiast, I wanted to find the easiest and most consistent method for peeling hard boiled eggs. The goal is to have a perfectly smooth hard boiled egg right? Follow the below steps:

Video Steps for Peeling the Egg

Steps For Peeling a Hard Boiled Egg

  • Slam, Smash, Hit one of the end of the egg on a hard surface. The smashed egg end should be a little flat after this. It takes practice.

  • Do the same on the other end.

  • Roll the middle part of the egg on a flat surface. While rolling the egg you should feel the egg shell cracking and maybe even coming off.

  • Find the most open spot where you can see the egg under the shell or create one with your thumb
  • You have to make sure your thumb gets under the clear or white membrane to start peeling

  • Now continue peeling with your thumb under the clear membrane and the shell should just come off in one piece if you are lucky. If it does come off in one piece you should yell, “Yes!!!”. Then try to do it again 🙂

  • Finally, use cold water to wash off the remaining pieces of egg shell

  • Tadaa! A Pefectly Peeled Egg!


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