How to Test PH of Your Soil With Tester Strips

If you happen to have some pool test strips at home and do not want to by a soil tester for a one time use. This is the test for you.

What you Need

Steps to testing the PH

  • Get your pool strips

  • Combine both cups of soil into one container. The ziplock baggie is nice because you can mix with your hand and throw away when done.

  • Grab your distiller water or reverse osmosis water (same thing)

  • Pour water into the container to make it muddy
  • Mix it or squeeze it in order to create a very watery mud.

  • Get your test strip and submerge into mixture for about 2 seconds.

  • Now the test strip is muddy

  • Wash the muddy water off with more of the distilled water.

  • Now you are all set. Use the measurements on the back to see what the PH of your soil is. Hint: It should be in the 7s.

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