Linux: How to Delete All Files from Recently Unzipped

Let’s say that you just unzipped files from a folder and you forgot to specify a destination directory. Now you have your home folder fully of thousands of new files. How do you clean up this mess?

Run this Command

/bin/zipinfo -1 | xargs echo rm -rf | sh

What does this Command Do?

  • If the file that you just unzipped files from was which has but 200+ files it would be quite a mess if it was in, lets say, your home directory
  • first you need to run /bin/zipinfo -1 to list only the file names in the zip file
  • pipe that to xargs with takes input or stdin, but we want to echo or print every command it ends up running to stdout.
    • xargs echo rm -rf
    • This command should be thought of as echo rm -rf {filename}
  • Finally, so we can the output of the xargs commands, we pipe that to sh which will print that to stdout.
    • | sh

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