Get More Website Hits by With Google (searching) Trends

Want more hits on your website? Not sure what is missing? Maybe its that what you are writing about, people are not searching enough. But how can you find out what people are searching for? Answer: Google Trends

Add the topics that are in consideration

After you have entered the first search term, you can click the compare button to add more terms to see which has more search requests.

In this example, I have added bitcoin, python, amazon affiliate, wordpress and alibaba.

As it shows for the past 3 months the trend has always been python.

Apple Versus (vs) other search terms

After I removed Alibaba and added Apple, it is obvious that Apple dwarfs or has many more search instances than all others.

What Google Search term is better than Apple?

I hate to ruin the it, but the answer is in the questions, Google! Yes, Google has way more searches than Apple, Amazon, Python, Bitcoin, or wordpress. I am sure there is a search term that has more hits than this, but you can just search that differently.

How Find the Top Trending Search Terms

If you want to just see that top trending searches, go to Google Trends Homepage and just scroll to the section that says “Recently


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