Blogo Test and Other Blogging Tool Reviews

Another attempt at finding the right tool to blog

I thought that I have found the ultimate tool, after a lot of research, so I ended up by the most expensive Ulysses. As of writing this post, it’s going for about $39.99 a year. It’s lot, but has some great features… which had all of them… except for one that I forgot to check for… Tables

Looked at Ai Writer, but you couldn’t attach images. They only support embedded images that point to a link.


  • Single-Pane of glass – didn’t want to use a bunch of different tools to accomplish one things, make blog posts.
  • Need to be able to export to other formats like MS Word, Plain Text, PDF and such
  • Need to be able to publish directly to WordPress
  • Need to support copying and pasting of images
    • For example, if you take a screenshot, it gets stored in your clipboard. I didn’t want to save it as an image, find a folder, come up with a fancy unique name. Doing all of that would take me away from writing
  • With that said, it has to support Markdown. Using this format, as I am currently with Blogo, allows the writer to get words out, keep fingers on keyboard and make constant progress.
  • Ability to cloud Sync between iOS and MacOS applications
  • Finally, Tables, this is only mentioned because its a real pain to be able to compare things without them. See Below:

Markdown Table Test – Failed

App Name | Tables
————— | ————
Blogo | Yes

HTML Table Test

For this test I used Typora I used this tool to be able to copy and paste as a specific format, like text, HTML, or Markdown.

App Name Single-Pane of Glass Export MS Word, Plain Text, PDF Publish to WordPress Pasting of Images Support MarkDown iCloud Sync Tables Price
Blogo No No Yes No, but can upload them once dragged in Yes Yes No, just HTML Free, for one blog
Ulysses No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No $39.99 a year
Ai Writer No Yes Yes No, can only embed Yes Yes Yes $29.99


I think the jury is still out. Not sure why there isnt a program that cannot do all of this. If there was. I would buy it.


I really like the program for blogging. You have access to almost everything you do if you were logged into your admin site and posting.

  • Add/create Categories/tags to your post
  • Add New posts or Even update previously posted posts (that was fun to say in my head)
  • Preview
  • Simple looking interface

What is seems to lack though is:

  • Not being able to export to other documents types, so you are sort of stuck with what you type in this program.
  • No tables
  • Preview is buggy as well
  • Its also a little buggy as I am typing. Sometimes I had to hit “Save” to be able to continue to type, but it wasnt obvious that thats what I should do or docuemented.
  • Not being able to organize a large post. Having the ablity to move pieces around as you are brain storming a post in a nice to have feature.

I think if the export features were there and the tables, Id be all in for blogging.

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