Federal Phone Scam Aug 24, 2016

I got this phone call twice in a row from a number in “Washington DC” (202) 683 – 7463


This call is from state investigation department a a legal case is filed on your identity and physical address under federal investigation. You need to call back our investigation officers on 202 683 7463.... Now... if you do not return the call, then forcefully we need to download this case to the courthouse. So... before we do it make sure you will give a call back to resolve our case.


Analysis – Why this was an obvious scam

  • Was impersonal
    • Didn’t mention my name
    • Address
    • or any personal information
  • Bad English
    • Nuff said 😉
  • Wanted me to call a number with nothing to reference
    • If someone was actually going to jail or court over something, there would be something to be referenced.
  • It was threatening and play on fear.
    • This is the most successful piece for any phone scam or even a ‘As seen on TV’ type commercial. “Call in the next 10 minutes, to receive a bonus discount’. We all know they don’t know what time the commercial is being played, so how would they know when 10 minutes is up?


Think and don’t feel like you have to react right away. These “shoot from the hip” decisions are what make others money (in general). Finally, don’t ever give money over the phone unless they can prove some details that a federal court would only know? What’s my address? Ask what is my birthday?

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