Granny’s Deviled Eggs

My Granny’s deviled egg recipe is by far my favorite. I have yet to find deviled eggs that are better. She never wrote this down but I made them with her often.

A recent discovery… you can add horseradish to the yolk batter to make it spicy. If you do, add it at the beginning so it doesn’t become too watery.


  • mayo (hellamans)
  • about 1-2tsp of finely minced onions
    • Almost watery
  • French’s yellow mustard
  • sweet pickle relish
  • hard boiled eggs
  • smoked paprika

How to Make

  • shell all eggs
  • cut in half long ways
  • dump the yolks into a bowl
  • mash with a fork in a finish powder. Depend on how lumpy you like
  • add two big scoops of mayo
    • just enough cover the yolks.
    • These eggs are mustard based not mayo
  • squirt the yellow mustard until in a zig zag until you covered it. You leave spaces
  • add minced onions
  • add two spoons of sweet relish
  • mix it all up
  • taste… I like a more mustard and relish taste than a mayo taste. It’s all up to you… add more of mayo, relish, mustard to you liking
  • fill all of the white egg halves
  • sprinkle paprika (secret ingredient )

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